Bill Perry Private Eyes is a full service private investigation agency with a proven track record of delivering first class RESULTS!! At BILL PERRY PRIVATE EYES we understand that investigative matters often involved highly charged private situations that requires utmost discretion, we are sensitive to this and know how to minimize the stress in handling delicate matters. Let Bill Perry Private Eyes be your eyes and ears to help you get the answers your looking for today!  Fast, Efficient & Discreet!

Do you need answers?
Don’t be blinded by emotions and let us confirm the truth for you today!!!! We have License Private Investigators that specialize in infidelity cases. Through discreet surveillance and undercover operations, our License Private Investigators may assist you in determining if your significant other is committing infidelity. We will document all their activities; places visited, and also identify who they meet with. In addition, we may obtain video and/or photography documentation of all activities and of all suspects. If you desire, we may also give you an investigation report and a video documentation on the investigation results obtained. Furthermore, we can testify on the findings in any court proceeding if it is needed.

So what are the signs of a cheater?
There are numerous signs that your mate is cheating. Other sections of this site go into more detail, but you can start by asking the following questions:
Do you have constant images of your loved one in the arms of someone else?
Do you feel that there might be someone else occupying your loved one’s time?
Have you noticed certain details aren’t adding up with your loved one’s stories lately?
Have you noticed a sudden feeling of disconnect from your loved one?
Is he/she working late a lot?
He/she’s’s suddenly taking trips you can’t go on?
He/she’s got new hobbies that don’t include you?
Mysterious phone calls with hang-ups?
Credit card bills for unexplained hotel stays or gift-type items?
Having less sex or none?
He/she’s more distant, angry or picky?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to learn the truth today! These are all signs of a cheater. You should not ignore these signs. If you truly want to enhance your relationship, you need to assess why you’re having these thoughts and discover whether your mate is really cheating on you or not.