To provide professional investigative services utilizing state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and computer technology. Services support civil, domestic, and general investigations, while maintaining the utmost ethical standards within the investigative industry.

Bill Perry Private Eyes is a Full Service Private Investigation Firm comprised of the Finest Florida Licensed Private Investigators in the industry. The staff consists of experience Investigators who contribute a broad expertise to the services provided. All Investigators undergo extensive training, both on the job and continuing education courses.

Please see our Services Page for a complete and comprehensive list of the Private Investigation Services we provide.

Bill Perry Private Eyes is diligently committed to providing strength through information resulting in the advantage of being well informed, confidently positioned and thoroughly prepared with the relevant facts and dependable interpretations.

We utilize sophisticated investigative techniques, and incorporate the latest surveillance technology. This coupled with our agency’s tried-and-true, street-smart investigative experience, provides our clients with the best possible services. Our staff excels in solving problems involving complex issues. No matter what your need, you will find us knowledgeable, skilled and professional.

  • HOME and small business monitoring while you are away – ideal for short trips,or SNOW BIRDS.
  • Stakeout Surveillance – cheating partners, divorce investigations, dating but not sure? We can help.
  • If are not sure if someone is spying on you?… We do Debugging
  • Accident Insurance Fraud – civil, criminal and Workman’s compensation investigation.
  • Child Support – locate deadbeat parents.
  • Missing loved ones?
  • Background searches, skip tracing, and asset research.
  • CNA (Custom Name and Address) – supply cell phone, land line, pager and address.
  • Employment Searches – supply name, SSN, date of birth, and subject’s current employment.
  • Utility Search – supply name, SSN, last known address of utility service.
  • Landlord – looking for skipped tenants?
  • Non-Published Land Lines – supply name, address; we supply the number.
  • P.O. Box – supply the post office box number and we supply the physical address.
  • Civil and Criminal investigations.
  • Crime Scene Photography.
  • Fingerprinting.
  • Marriage – let us try and save your marriage.
  • Bail Bonds.
  • DNA Testing
  • Member of Chamber of Commerce
  • Estate Validation – Are you in the family?
  • New Driver – Worried that your teenage driver is speeding, or endangering their life or the lives of others? Come see us.
  • Polygraph Lie Detector Test

Security Guards

  • Personal and Property Protection – Servicing domestic and commercial needs.
  • Armed and Unarmed Security Guards – in uniform or plain clothes.
  • Special Event Security – private parties and arena events.
  • Executive Protection – personal protection for celerities, performers and night clubs.
  • Stalkers – providing personal protection from stalkers.
  • LICENSED AND INSURED – Other Services Provided
  • Se Habla Español

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Creole
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic

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Know someone wrongfully incarcerated? Family or friends? Call us, maybe we can help. 

  • Get Class D License – Unarmed Security Guard
  • Get Class G License – Armed Security Guard
  • Get Concealed Weapons Permit
  • Call Dorla for Process Server
  • Broward, Miami Dade
  • West Palm Beach

Agents of special interest background include:

  • Ex-US marshall
  • Ex-Navy seal
  • Ex-IA agent
  • Our DNA lab is second to none
  • Extremely high tech camera equipment

Executive Protection Division

Executive Protection / V.I.P / BodyGuard Services

Bill Perry Private Eyes agents provides professional bodyguard services & Executive protection services customized to meet our client’s needs & thus providing a safe & secure environment for them to pursue their activities. We provide effective & discreet armed / unarmed protection agents for Private Individuals, Executives, Celebrities, High Profile Individuals, Corporate Officers & VIPs as they travel around town or travel to International Destinations.

Our agents conduct threat assessments to evaluate & determine the client’s level of risk. Your personal protection team will have the experience & knowledge to ensure that you feel safe & relaxed in all situations. We will protect you & your loved ones 24 hours a day wherever you travel. Let our experts determine possible dangers & free you from all the worries. Let our undercover private investigators ensure your safe arrival to your destination today. If you are traveling with valuable business documents, jewelry and or money, you may require a secure & efficient transportation to your final destination from our undercover escort team.

Undercover Escort Services

GPS Tracking Devices tracking is excellent for those clients who may be at risk or who may need their location to be known in real-time, or in case of kidnapping or retrieval. These devices are very compact and can be easily concealed & carried by the client or concealed within a vehicle or within a briefcase. We would provide a password protected internet website where someone could instantly uplink to the GPS satellite system of 24 Global satellites & constantly or periodically monitor your position anywhere in the world 24 hours a day. GPS trackers are very cost effective & are available in both wired and wireless units

Loss Prevention Detectives / Investigators Are you loosing inventory or cash at your business? Do you suspect internal theft from an employee? We have bilingual undercover private investigators that specialize in loss prevention / retail theft.

Our licensed private investigators will work undercover for a temporary period of time in the suspected workplace in efforts to uncover employee theft, unlawful activity, alcohol / drug use, or any other type of noncompliance. Hidden video may also be obtained of all activities with the use of body worn hidden cameras. This is useful to determine your employees work performance or detect any unlawful activity. Hidden surveillance cameras may also be installed in the suspected workplace areas. All of our undercover private investigators are also specifically trained in all the legal aspects of making arrests, collecting evidence & courtroom testimony.